Category Insights: Juices and Juice Drinks

Category Insights: Juices and Juice Drinks

When it comes to the beverages we drink, consumers are going back to the basics. According to Nielsen (Healthy Eating Trends around the world 2015), the most desirable attributes are foods and beverages that are fresh, natural and minimally processed. Foods and beverages with all natural ingredients and those without genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are each considered very important and the absence of artificial colors, flavors and foods made from vegetables/fruits are very important.   In addition, consumers are looking for functional foods that provide benefits that can either reduce their risk of disease and/or promote good health.

In the Juices and Juice Drinks market, Mintel (Spt 2015) reports Mexico as a promising growth potential with an average value growth of 12% and relatively established volume consumption. Although, India is the standout market albeit with low consumption. The mature market of the US is forecast to record a flat growth over the next 5 years, while many of the European markets are expected to achieve slower gains during the same period.

The cold-pressed juice trend continued to drive innovation in 2015-2016. Although the US has been leading the market for cold-pressed juices in the last year, launch activity show that the trend has steadily made its way to both Europe and Latin America.

Cold-pressed juices have opened up the super-premium end of the category and have tapped into shifting consumer attitudes towards health and weight management. Juice brands have an opportunity to build on those changes and boost nutrition through processing methods or new blends with vegetables, seeds, dairy or grains. New flavour innovations could also engage consumers.

In the North America Market, Manufacturers have attempted to break out of traditional juice formats and packaging designs in order to re-capture consumers’ attention. Despite sugar concerns, juice drinkers who consume juice as part of their weight management efforts are now seeking products with positive attributes and added nutrition that round out their diet.

And what is going on in Latin America?

According with Mintel, Natural has become an important selling point in the last year, with more companies emphasizing natural credentials in their offerings in an effort to attract those who see RTD juices as just water mixed with sugar and artificial flavours.

Recent juice introductions demonstrate that there are many ways of meeting the growing demand for natural beverages, lending potential to juice drinks that emphasize fruit content and naturally sweetened varieties.

Precisely in this way, Aromateca Dominicana is aligned with the behavior of the market and trends that frame the functioning of various segments of the food industry. It explores, under its platform of available technologies, the new challenge of contributing, with experience and integral support, to the development of products under novel concepts and oriented to satisfying the requirements of our clients through a team of professionals and a portfolio that includes natural flavors, flavor improvers, natural sweeteners, preservatives, functional ingredients, and other items that integrate the broad spectrum of our customers’ expectations.

As Aromateca Dominicana’s experience has been established with the development of several new products and daily contact with customers throughout the region, we understand the market challenges and how the right ingredients can help companies. Aromateca Dominicana has the expert team and portfolio of technologies to face the new challenge.

Please contact us and let us advise you.

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