Functional Ingredients

Natural Flavor & Functional Ingredient List


As a very important part of the Tate and Lyle line, we offer natural functional ingredients used to create, modify or adjust the food texture in order to satisfy customer tastes and make them more efficient in their manufacturing processes. The range of applications is very extensive, covering bakery, milk and meat products, dressings, sauces, drinks, among others, according to the product’s nature:

Native Starch: (Products) Ingredients derived from corn and its varieties, cassava and potatoes.

Modified Starch: Chemical modifications of the native starch to make it resistant to the different process conditions

Instant Starch: Physical modifications of native starch to eliminate the cooking process.

Lipophilic Starches: They act as emulsifiers or fat encapsulator.

Maltodextrin STAR DRI and Corn Syrup Solids: they are economic sources of complex carbohydrates which offer versatility in calorie, reduced or diet products. They also work as sugar solid substitutes in cost-reduction projects and/or milk solids replacements.

Locus Bean gum LBG: Carob Tree Gum used to give body and/or stabilize systems with solids content. It is a natural origin product widely used in Creams, Sauces and generally in drinks requiring viscosity and body.


Fiber consumption is essential for the good functioning of the digestive system, consequently, for the general wellbeing of individuals. Due to our eating habits or diet, it is difficult to have an adequate and sufficient consumption of fiber.
Tate and Lyle has developed natural flavoring solutions focused on the enrichment of food products with fiber, that can contribute to the general wellbeing of the organism, thus offering consumers additional functional benefits besides delicious and appetizing products. Ideal to enrich Drinks, Milk Products, Breads and Biscuits, among others, depending on the required characteristics as follows:

Promitor Soluble Corn Fiber: Made from Corn, highly soluble, colorless and stable under the most severe process conditions.

STALITE Polidextrose: It is an ingredient that enriches with soluble fiber, adds texture and has a low-calorie nature, being an agent with an ideal body for low-sugar and low-fat formulations that help maintain palatability.

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