Drivers and Trends Margarine / Butter


Margarine and butter Market, is evolving according to trends and current needs, changing, more educated and at the end, more demanding consumers.

In relation to consumption moments, authenticity or “Homemade” plays an important role appealing to the emotional side of consumers through products close to home, using tradition and treasured memories.

Butter consumption associated with pleasurable experiences or indulgence, makes that “Premium” products be relevant, with mixtures of ingredients that enhance the sensory experience such as rosemary extract, sea salt, etc.

The inclusion of non-traditional ingredients in the category as olive oil and / or leek, garlic and parsley, gives consumers an exotic trip, experiencing different cuisines.

Another important driver that continues rising is related to weight control and calorie intake through reduced fat products per se or with addition of functional ingredients such as Omega 3, 6 and Vitamins.

The increasingly demand of “Naturalness”, is driving Manufacturers to clean their labels, offering products free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, including GMO free claim.




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