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Natural Flavouring Portfolio

We are exclusive representatives of FIRMENICH, a Swiss company with more that 100 years of experience in flavour, and we work in more than fifty countries. Firmenich has been a world leader in flavours with new technologies and innovation, becoming the first company in the world producing citrus flavours and the second one in flavours in general.

With integral solutions and a wide flavour portfolio, we can offer you orientation to satisfy each one of your sensory needs in food products, adding value to each design in the several categories of the culinary art.

Therefore, from our natural flavouring collection we evaluate the different alternatives, integrating variables which are aligned with the market needs and quality identification, offering support to the product design that will have the highest performance.

All this plan comes with an analysis of the proposals considering functionality and not forgetting competitiveness regarding cost-benefit analysis.

    Represented Brands

    • Firmenich
    • Tate & Lyle
    • Galactic
    Aromateca Dominicana, SRL
    Desarrollado por Viralia, Inc