The present consumer demands products that not only will meet their physical needs (thirst, fullness) but that will provide an experience according to the moment and reasons for consuming such as:: being natural, its nutrition, is refreshing and wellbeing.
Covering the different segments, we are able to offer technical solutions to reach both functional as emotional objectives with you products.

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD):

With winner profiles in the different countries that we cover offering security and confidence when choosing flavours and solutions that meet the cost-benefit criteria with:

  • Cola flavours and different fruit tones.
  • Compounds that provide flavour, color and cloudiness.
  • Sensory modulators to replace sugar.

Juices with and without fruit content

We have a wide range of fruit flavours and technologies addressed to replace the fruit pulp and the sugar, offering our customers:

  • Know-how and leadership in citrus flavors.
  • Fruit flavours exactly the same as the natural ones.
  • Sensory modulators to replace sugar and/or fruit pulp.

Powder Soft Drinks (PSD)

With an extensive range of powdered flavours meeting our customers’ expectations regarding stability and process conditions as well as:

  • Know-how and leadership in powder citrus flavors
  • Fruit flavours exactly the same as the natural ones
  • Sensory modulators to replace sugar

Hot Drinks (HD)


  • Tea and coffee flavours
  • Sensory modulators to mask flavours and/or replace sugar

Milk Drinks

Solutions for milk drinks and flavoured milk drinks offering the main tones as:

  • Excellent and wide range of vanillas.
  • Chocolates and brown flavour notes.
  • Cocoa replacement solution.
  • Recovery of milk notes and mouthfeel in reduced drinks.
  • Sensory modulators for sugar replacement.

Represented Brands

  • Firmenich
  • Tate & Lyle
  • Galactic
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