About Us/ Aromateca Dominicana, SRL

Who We Are

We are a professional team with a large experience in the food technology field.

We focus on understanding our customers’ needs, in R&D, mainly on ingredients, offering the technical support and the best solutions for:

  • Flavoring.
  • Sweetening.
  • Natural preserving.
  • Functional ingredients.

We look for the improvement of the consumers’ preference as well as for the profitability of our customers’ products.
We offer technical support and supply services to our customers in the Caribbean Region from our office and warehouse in Dominican Republic.

Product Lines


Flavoring for food industry with FIRMENICH, leader company in the Caribbean Region for flavors in the sectors:

  • Beverages as: Soft Drinks, juices, flavored drinks, milk drinks and drinks in general.
  • Desserts as: ice creams, cookies, confectionary, chocolates, regional desserts in general.
  • Savory Products as: Processed meats, cube Bouillon, snacks, powdered soups, margarines.


Sweetening of drinks and desserts in general with the use of special sweeteners from Tate & Lyle for the Caribbean Region , both for low calorie foods as well as partial replacement of sugar for cost reduction, without affecting the sweet performance in consumers.

Natural Preservatives from GALACTIC

  • Sodium and potassium lactate as well as mixtures of Acetates and Diacetates mainly for meat industry.
  • Derivatives from Lactic Acid mainly in meat products as well as in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the Caribbean Region.

Represented Brands

  • Firmenich
  • Galactic
  • Tate & Lyle
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