Candies and desserts have a very close emotional relationship with consumers since they represent fun, happiness, indulgence. This is why we strive to recreate the emotions and sensations expected, with unique flavours that complement the ideas and concepts of our customer through:


A solid experience in the development of baked goods including muffins and cookies, therefore, we offer:

  • Know-how and leadership in vanillas, chocolate and brown flavour notes.
  • Natural fruit-flavours, exactly the same as the natural ones.
  • Technologies designed to deliver stable flavours during the different process conditions.

Ice creams and creams

With different flavour tones and according to the customer taste in every region; we are able to supply:

  • A line of fruit-flavours with a variety of profiles according to the requisite of the product to be designed.
  • An extensive range of vanillas, chocolates and brown flavour notes
  • Sensory modulators and masking agents of flavours.

Dairy products and its derivatives

With a wide variety of profiles according to the product requirements, covering yoghurts and milk desserts through:

  • A line of fruit-flavours.
  • An extensive and superior range of vanillas, chocolates and brown flavour notes.
  • Sensory modulators, masking agents of flavours and cocoa replacements.


We have a wide range of flavours covering the main tones:

  • From sugar-coated profiles up to those identical to the fruit
  • Brown flavour notes, chocolates and a wide range of vanillas and mints.

Represented Brands

  • Galactic
  • Tate & Lyle
  • Firmenich
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